Thursday 31 December 2015

My Papa Is The Best

...Anand Vishvas

My Papa is the best,
Become child with me.

They become instant horse,
And sit me on his back.

Shaking leg says Hin-Hin,
Valid wandered gallop.

And then they jump,
Say Tap-Tap, Tap-Tap.

Tired then say horse is hungry ,
Asking  for Bread and Pakora.

Bring tea and Pakora,
Now horse Delete appetite.

My beloved daughter, Queen,
Bring water to the thirsty horse.

I quickly get water,
And feed them by my own.

How beautiful doll brought,
Gift has swarmed.

When I press doll's stomach,
She sings song and laughs.

They dangle me on his feet,
Sing song Zhu-Zhu, Ma-Mu.

Pose, pose, taking the strain,
When high and drop on the bad.

Papa then filtered Pick
Pick up and Drop me.

Fall molt pleasing me,
Dad playing with bearable.

I take food with him,
They tell story every day.

I'm rolling and tossing,
When I tired I fall sleep.
...Anand Vishvas

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